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About designer's principles, approach and mission

Design is based on three whales

Designers mission is to create a comfortable environment in which a person solves his problems. In case of website, this is usually the "Learn Something" task.

very ambitious dolphins
We build a client’s psychological portrait. First we should understand, what he expects from us. Portrait helps us to meet expectations. It doesn’t mean "to be like everyone else." It means "here you are understood." Branding sets the tone and voice of visual communication and sets the rules of the game.
We make the workspace convenient so that the user immediately understands what we want from him and how to do what he came here for.
We collect a list of questions and draw the user’s path. Then we answer them consistently and clearly. We make sure that the important things are assimilated immediately and hooked the viever.
why did he come, what he wants?
what should he do to solve it?
who are we dealing with?
Branding drives mood, visualization drives attention, interface drives action.

How does it work on website?

Website is a virtual sales assistant. He sould to show you, how the product will solve your problem and to help you choose the right one.

When you apply to the consultant in the store, you want the answer the question to suggest the best solution. Answer polite and honest.

Trust me... im a dolphin

What is a usefulness and why does everything depend on it?

Nike doesn’t sell clothes — they sell lifestyle. The online school does not sell training courses — they help to get a new social role. Real estate agency sells not only real estate, but security and long-term investment. User’s tasks are much deeper than it seems at first glance. Finding them is the skill of an experienced designer.
Behind every thing is a problem or a need. The property of a thing to solve this problem is called usefulness. Finding this utility and demonstrating it is the mission of design.

Website is just a part of the path

By understanding the user's journey, we understand what he wants and simplify his task.
The user journey begins with the recognition of a problem. He goes to Google for a solution. There your ad catches him and only then he came to website. Therefore, on the website, we only say the most important things. Respect for user private time — density of care.

Regard is fundament of respect

Imagine a situation: A diver was attacked by a shark and bit off his leg. He went to three clinics.

Care and deep understanding of the problem distinguishes a professional from an amateur. An experienced designer knows what the client needs and does not waste his time on empty chatter.

At the first clinic, he stood in line for two hours. After that, the doctors hastily sewed on a wooden stick instead of a leg and sent him home.
In the second, the doctor showed models of super-technological prostheses for a long time and talked about their advantages. But in order to get a prosthesis, it was necessary to leave contacts and wait for a call back.
At the third clinic, doctors immediately gave the diver pain medication, removed the wooden stick, and treated the wound. Then they put him to bed, gave him a sedative and fed him properly. In the morning, the prosthesis was ready, and after installation, our hero was prescribed a free rehabilitation course.
Yes, the services of the third clinic cost a little more. But the client did not shout that he could not pay for it.

Time is priceless ~

Design is the bodywork in the racing car of the business. It performs not a decorative, but a constructive function. If the body is not made and installed in time, the pilot will lose the race before even starting it.

Deadline is the designer’s word of honor. It’s impossible to return the time spent on the project and repair the reputation damaged by the broken word.

Time is priceless ~

Time is priceless ~

Time is priceless ~

Time is priceless ~

Design mission — make people's life easier

Design is changing the face of cities, people, technology and the internet. We have chosen the Internet. We believe in humanism, the triumph of intelligence and common sense. We see how our work changes the world every day. We make the internet better.

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